I've got to say, I have been quite disappointed with the discussions on BBWO. These days its all self-promotion and no progress and that's not what BBWO is all about. Just the same, I have seen a few ladies share some great posts with no response and that just won't do. I am launching an initiative to put the Business back in BBWO.

Sneak Preview: I am working to bring the Business Back With a new ALL Business, Best of BBWO page: it is a work in progress by you can preview it here.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your BBWO emails and comments, go into your 'Settings', you will find the link in the right sidebar, just below your name. Change your email settings and you can also opt to approve comments on your page!

First course of business for me is to promote those business experts who share their expertise with BBWO. Add a wonderful how-to article or start a business related discussion and send me the link. I am going to start highlighting BBWO experts. This is free exposure that only requires you to share what you know! If I can put together an amazing circle of BBWO Experts, you will be the only ones to create Forum Discussions in tailored categories for experts!

Remember I am still looking for great blog posts too, so send me links to your business posts as well. If you have a wonderful BBWO Blog, let me know about it. I would love to highlight those who are sharing their advice and support to others on BBWO.

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I hope I'm not one of those folks!! I had an interview on my radio show about Going Green and How to Make Money that I posted to the Forum. I promise to start posting some helpful tips and info around here, too.

I am so glad that you posted this, as it expresses my sentiments exactly! I joined the community not to be pitched and have responses to my posts be non-existent, or simply be aggressive acts of promotion disguised as replies! Buy some advertising or take note of the marketing and business development tips many of us offer on the site instead of spamming me and others here to network, reflect, learn and maybe escape LOL
I've stopped visiting because of the deluge of emails offering me a chance at "instant riches and fame"! Target your alerts folks!!! Read the profiles of those you hit up and see that some of them may not be a fit for your message.
When I see alerts from certain members, I immediately delete them. Not the spirit I wish to have, nor the one I think you intended when you started this thing. So I applaud you for speaking up and taking charge.

I felt this sort of way too as I was bombarded with stuff as soon as I joined. From that point on, I was turned off immediately as I thought, "Ok, BBWO is just for spamming folks. How horrible is that??" and I never came back over here for much of anything. I'm glad you mentioned this as it lets folks know that the lady in charge knows what's going on. It would be cool to have some sort of way to silence the spammers so that the great stuff we're all very capable of bubbles to the top. We get enough Avon and Mary Kay solicitations in real life...nobody wants tons more of those online. :P
I agree with you. I wouldn't mind reading some interesting pieces. I have shared my business and advertised about my business but I wouldn't mind getting involved more.
Hello LaShandra,

I will be posting a few profiles of successful Black Women in the sistapreneur section later today. These are women whom I have also met personally. They are South African Black women with a special perspective on business success, and I may be able to invite them here to offer their professional advice to your members. Please check the sistapreneurs section later today. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Denise van Esche
OMR Security Group
Three outstanding profiles now posted at sistapreneur 101 :-) The Black South African sistahood way to business success.

Kind regards,

Denise van Esche
Thank you all for your comments, as it is very apparent that with size the BBWO is quickly moving in the wrong direction. Now if we could get some more solutions to fix this problem I would love that, I am working on some of my own as we speak!

Sneak Preview: I am working to bring the Business Back With a new ALL Business, Best of BBWO page: it is a work in progress by you can preview it here.
Thanks for those comments. I am new to BBWO. I agree it has become about self peddling. Haven't been motivated to post because the focus has been, buy what I have. . . No meaty discussions to further one's business.

Enough said.

Appreciate all you do
Hopefully, that will all change. I am bringing back some of those wonderful posts of the past and requesting folks to chime in with GREAT new posts so we can bring back quality content and business focused discussion on BBWO.

Just posted on BBWO Blog: How to Turn Your Financial Troubles Around.

Will add more and consider creating a topic in the forum.


The Coach
Hello LaShanda, this is Ann(nora), I haven't been on here in a reason...because I've been extremely occupied with my 2 and 4 year old..another reason is well I love to network with people but when a person sends you a page full of information that I can go to their website to get it makes it kind of tiring to look at your page and decipher through the content. I love everyone and I wish everyone well in their business and I look at everyone's page because I never know when I might need some services or people that I know might need some services.... Now I am with Ameriplan which consists of Discounted Health and Dental would be amazed at how many parents cannot afford Health insurance and there are many that have to pay out of their pockets....I would love to post about Health being that I worked for an Major Medical Insurance company for 5 years...whether it be premiums or you just want to vent about what can we do as a people to help those who cannot help themselves ..I am game Lashanda...thanks for all you do. TO EVERYONE..GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY YOU SUCCEED IN YOUR JOURNEY...:love nora(2009)


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