BBWO Contest: Win a Copy of 'Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs'

Erin Shell Anthony, new BBWO member and author of 'Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs' has graciously offered to give a free Copy of her Book to the winner of our first official BBWO Contest: Black Hair is Beautiful!

To participate in this contest simply use this post to respond to the following question:
'When did you realize your Natural hair was beautiful?'

This contest is 7 days long, so be sure to respond to this post by Tuesday, 5/13/08. The winner will be chosen by lhenry, BBWO founder. You will be notified via your BBWO email account and asked to respond with your shipping information. If you do not respond to your winner notification within 48 hours of the time that it was sent, it will be given to the next potential prize winner.

Learn more about the book:
"African-American women are seeking healthy alternatives and are finding that natural hair styles are truly the best for African hair. This book will help sistas (to gain the knowledge necessary) to return to their roots," says Valencia Jones, a stylist for Erykah Badu and George Clinton.

Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs is a how-to book that explains managing, styling and caring for afro-textured or curly hair in simple language, and guides readers through the mental and physical transitions necessary to reach their goal of a healthy, manicured natural hair style. The book includes resources to ease the transition from chemical relaxers, including step-by-step instructions for care, product selection and styling, as well as interactive audio features that allow the reader to hear directly from the pros themselves.

Official Site URL:

- Learn more about author Erin Shell Anthony in her exclusive Success...
- Watch Erin Shell Anthony's Video Clip on BBWO
- Nappturosity featured on Afrobella's Natural Beauty Products Blog.

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I realized my natural hair was beautiful when I remember that God gave me this hair texture. I believe that everything He makes is beautiful, so why should my hair be any different? I also believe that He doesn't make mistakes, so I should find pleasure in every nap, kink and coil that I have.
this is wonderful!
Martha Tucker, Author
The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires, an urban political thriller
When did i realize my natural hair beautiful ? is when i was 10 years old everybody would always tell me that i had beautiful hair and that should never cut it.. But i did not listen i cut it anyways now i wish i did cause i reget it now..Because beautiful is just not the same any more...
Faith Coburn
I realized that my natural hair was beautiful at the moment I realized that I was beautiful.

I remember watching Laryn Hill's video one afternoon quite a few years back. I was dating a guy and I told him that I really liked Lauryn's hair and I wondered what my hair would look like in its natural state and loc'd. I was a weave wearing, perm slapping, hair straightening sister at the time of this conversation.

He told me not to even go there. He went on to say that I would not look pretty with natural hair and it was not for me. That was such an awaking moment for me. My ex-(and I stress EX) boyfriend in essence told me that I was not beautiful enough nor would I be beautiful enough to have hair like Lauryn Hill.

Needless to say -- I did the "big chop" in two areas of my life -- I cut him as well as my hair and loc'd from scratch -- this was over 8 years ago. My beautiful locs cascade past my shoulders and it's brought out a beauty in me and in my hair that even an child can see.
I really enjoyed reading all of your responses.
Ar Lena
Awesome responses!! This reconfirms that beauty truly develops from the inside out...not the other way around! My father used to tell me "Baby, be more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside." Once we realize our inner beauty, everything on the outside reflects that. I can't wait to see who wins the book!
I've always loved natural hair, but wigs and weaves made me lazy. My youngest daughter (17 at the time) began wearing her hair in twists, Afros and other natural styles. Made me wish for "back in tha day!", when we all were proud of our 'fros! I quit perming my hair over a year ago, and am now sporting an Afro or twists. Love the freedom. Put on a pair of earrings and I'm ready!
I realized my natural hair was beautiful when I looked in the mirror and saw that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and God don't make no junk. I love my texture and all that I can do with it.
Wow... great question!!! I had decided around 1997 that I would begin the process of returning my hair to it's natural state. After all, I'd fried, dyed, Jazzed, Kool-aided, twisted, pinned, chopped, cut, shaved, stretched and STRESSED my hair over the years... I felt it was time for my hair to grow with my spirit. So, after that, there where no more relaxers (after all, they were TEARING my scalp up). My stylist whom shall remain nameless, dumped me because everytime she wet my hair... it curled up... Ok, isn't that what black hair's supposed to do...LOL The next few years, I'd rock cornrows, braids, two strands, headwraps, gelees and twists. And over these years... I started to realize that my hair was BEAUTIFUL!!!! That pride increased 100 fold after I made the decision to loc my hair while I was pregnant with my daughter. It wasn't just about my hair... it was a TOTAL recall of who I was and who I had been... inside and out... what people saw.. what I wanted them to see... the real Natural laid back fun loving me...And with that realization, Ms. Charna was FINALLY BORN! Every Beady B... Every curl, Every LOC!!! It's truely been a learning experience and a path!!! But I love my Natural Natty Locs!
I had an allergic reaction to weaving glue many years ago that caused my relaxed hair to break severely. I decided that I would wear extensions for a year and not relax my hair so that I could recover from the damage. Prior to this, I relaxed my hair every 4-6 weeks for 17 years, so I had no idea what my original texture looked like or felt like. After about 3 months, I had enough new growth to see my true texture and I instantly fell in love. I constantly had my hands in my hair, massaging the new growth and imaging what it would look like if my entire head was full of new growth. 3 months later, I cut ALL of the relaxer out as I was so excited and anxious to see what I would look like. I couldn't beleive all the lush, thick, soft hair I had. I felt like an entirely new person. That was 2.5 years ago. Check out my entire journey at

'When did you realize your Natural hair was beautiful?'

I had been considering the idea of going natural when I became pregnant with my first son. I knew that I wouldn’t have the time, nor the inclination to blow dry, hot curl, de-tangle, blow out, straighten, press etc. I tried to transition because I wanted to keep my length but still have the ease of natural hair. Well, between the curliness of my natural hair that was growing in and the over processed ends, the hair was driving me crazy! However, I refused to cut it for the longest time because I wanted that LENGTH. I was a mess, contending with my first ever pregnancy, work, and hair that just would not cooperate.

On Halloween night, I had just had enough. My husband was out at a meeting and I was rolling my hair up for the night in front on the mirror when I decided I had had ENOUGH. (Remember I was pregnant!!!) I found some scissors in the kitchen drawer and before I could talk myself out of it, I cut off all that straggly, over-processed, stick-straight, split ended hair – almost 4 inches. Then I wet my hair, rubbed a little hair oil on my palms and ran it through my new 2 inch ‘do. Only then did I actually look in the mirror and saw my fresh, totally curly, easy to care for, beautiful hair. I’ve been natural ever since and the son I was pregnant with then is now five.

PS My husband has the best poker face. All he said when he got home was “oh, you cut your hair. It looks nice.” LOL
LOL, I cut all my hair off when I was pregnant too! Pregnant women should hide their scissors, as we are prone to go crazy with the cuts! Sigh, but it is quite a refreshing feeling when it's all said and done!


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