I know you didn't just come on BBWO for fun and games! You want to make money right? That's what business and entrepreneurship is all about. So, let's talk about how we can make money on BBWO.

#1. Sell Your Product or Service
If you are on here to promote your business make sure you are doing it the right way. That means as the very least your page should have links to your site, a review of your website, a review of your service or products, member testimonials, interesting blog posts about your business (to get people interested!). You should have a few testmonials from customers, as well as photos or promotion video. If your page is empty, you might get a friend or two but you won't get any new clients! Your page has to say you so you can sell it!

#2 Find Your Niche Network on BBWO
If your niche is black women or black business women, that's too big!!! What is your specific area of interest? Find women on BBWO that are either interested in one you do or doing the same thing. If you can't find them, search for them, create a group from them, post a discussion to get them buzzing! You need to stand out and surround yourself with the people who are going to want to buy what you are selling!

#3 Be Creative
Sponsor a contest or giveaway. Share some knowledge about your feel that you KNOW everybody wants to have. And don't just send out comments with sweet welcomes or clear SPAM tactics. As BBWO Member Richelle Shaw points out, those comments aren't going to get you any where. If your going to post a comment, make sure you are clearly highlighting who you are and directing people to a page that best reflects what you do! And if you want to just send a friendly hello, that fine! But be sure to link it back to your page, (that should be filled with all your best products and services). Do you know, that on other groups I am on, I don't post that often, but I make sure my page has at least a few blog posts an banners so that when I add someone as a friend or they find me through a discussion, they want to browse my page, learn more, and VISIT MY SITES!!! So even by simply taking the time to setup that page and make it fierce, you are selling yourself in ways you never imagined!

#4 Be Creative!
Did I already say that, let me say it again! I see folks have added their etsy plugins to their page. Some ad a few relevant banners to affiliate programs they joined (hint a few - overkill of affiliate programs won't get you anywhere). Some add posts about useful books and then link the book covers to amazon, those clicks then become cash!!! Some post discounts, some post promotions that you will recieve if you join their mailing list! What are you doing, sending out flower comments or waiting for people too notice you! You got to get out there and work that web like I promote on my site

#5 Read the Discussion Forum
Every day I see a post of someone looking for women to interview, looking for articles, looking for a publisher, looking for advice, looking for you and your not there. You have to, stay up to date and be that person to respond when potential clients are looking to put their money into your business. Are you on the forums? Are you adding posts to your blog? Where are you...

#6.... Coming Soon... This post is a work in progress, but PLEASE add your suggestions if you have any!

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Great article. Excellent advice, and insight. Thank you Lashanda.
Love the article. I will definitely apply these bsics principles
Thanks for the heads up...much appreciated!

God Bless!
This is definitely an on time article, thank you for sharing. Peace and Blessings to you.
Thanks for the Great Tips, I'll be sure to get on it.
-God Bless
Thank you for the article. You are always on point with the motivation and direction!
TOTALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very informative (like always) and their are some things that I must do. Thanks
Thank you for the tips. They were right on time.
I have free advertising opportunities, but am not sure how to market them on here. My business is promotions and networking. We work with self-promotiong artists (that includes performing arts and visual arts) and small businesses that need a little (or a lot) help promoting themselves. For the time being, the business has to be in the chicago area or be online in order for it to be profitable. I know that initially I won't make money off of the advertising, but it's a great way for me to network.


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