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Payment Policy
: Please note that all payment is made via paypal. Once I review your request, if it is approved, I will send you a paypal invoice. Upon payment your ad campaign will be activated.

BBWO Broadcasts:$30
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BBWO eBlast: $90* Only one sent out per week.
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Send me your PR Post for review as a text or word document attachment. You can also include one graphic, which is also subject to review. Your graphic will not be included in the network broadcast, but it will be featured in your pr post on BBWO and Email:

BBWO ShareThis Promotion: $45
This is the package for you if you would like to share an event post, blog article, or group with the entire BBWO Community. Your event, blog post, or group will be featured, shared with the entire BBWO Community, and sent out as a bulletin to Sistas Makin Money on Myspace, a listing of over 7400. Send me the link to your BBWO Event listing, blog article, or group. Only one per submission. Email

The Black Banner Rotator
Do you see the featured Banner ad above? Would you like to add your banner to this rotation. Now you can add your banner to the Black Banner Rotator, which is now featured at the top of every page on BBWO. Inclusion is $20 per/month. To get featured in the BBRotator click here. If you need a banner designed, I can create one for you. Custom Banner Design by lhenry.

Once your website is listed in the directories and your PR Post is published, they remain online at no additional cost, this is a one time fee. When you have new PR Posts or websites, a new fee will apply. To request the PR Package, send your PR Post as an attachment, along with your website name, url, and brief description, and the details of what you want on your custom banner. Be sure to attach any images you want on your banner. Send all information to

BBWO Recommended Reading The Official BBWO Blog featuring Internet Marketing and Black Business Tips

*Limited Time Discount
*All of these Ad Opportunities can be purchased individually
Email if you have any questions. Subject = BBWO Advertising

Additional Advertising Opportunities on BBWO:
Ads from the following services are featured on BBWO
- The Black Banner Rotator
- The Black Girl Click Ad Network
- Custom Banner Design
- The BBWO Directory
- The BBWO Spotlight

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Hi Tonya, Just send me an email and let me know what package you want and we can go from there. If you review each package listed above by click on their links, you will see what information is required.

Hi Lashanda,

I would like to do the PR Package. Your turn!
The BBWO PR package is $60.00. Is this a monthly retainer fee? Please clarify.

Positively, Winnie
This is a one time fee to get the features listed. As mentioned above, you call also opt to purchase these features individually.

Hi LaShanda,

I would like to get my website featured for my dance school. We just open and I am looking for students!!! The website is

Thanks Swazette
Please email the details of your request to and I will set that feature up for you tomorrow. -lhenry - Please review the featured site details, the link is listed in this post. - lhenry
I am Sooo glad my friend Tamika Sent me this website. I have shared this site with so many of my Friends i think it is a Beautiful thing. Much LOVE and Respect to you my Sista.
please provide me more info details on how i can advertise on BBWO and obtain access to use the BBWO directory.

tonya ware
Hi Tonya,

If you have specific questions, please send me an email, and I will be sure to provide you with more information. -lhenry

Great way to network with people who are serious about doing business, and meeting business like women and men.
This is a great way to expand your options...JOIN FOR FREE!
Hello my friend!, check it out!

I have some exciting news I think will interest you. YTB just announced a Special Holiday program. Until January 10, 2009 you can purchase a Full Service Travel Website for $250 and the first month Website hosting fee of $49.95 is waved. If you would like more information you can contact me or visit my website at

My Info:
Phone: 1-800-757-5450 or 229-768-2231
wed page:
wed page:
Winifred Quire Giddings said:
The BBWO PR package is $60.00. Is this a monthly retainer fee? Please clarify.

Positively, Winnie


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