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Blogging for Business Bootcamp

Today is the day to stop saying “I’m gonna blog” and “Get started!”


Join our Blogging for Business webinars today (11am to 2pm est). Watch online or one your phone! Plus get access to replays in case you miss anything.


Inside today’s blogging bootcamp I will:
– Help you outline at least 2 months worth of posts (8 total)
– Show you how to blog smarter and NOT harder
– Share how and WHY you don’t need thousands of readers to generate thousands of dollars


As a matter of fact I recently earned over 10,000 dollars from the last 14 clients who came to me via my blog!


And remember EVEN if you can’t make our sessions today, register now to get access to the replays. The $30 virtual seats are all gone, BUT get in while you still can at a discounted rate $45 Now with code B4B45 vs $60 Later.


If you want blogging to work for you then you have to learn how to work it!


To join us go to:



(free) Breaking Barriers Tele-Summit

Want to learn how to be happier, fearless, and successful? Join me and other top industry experts for tips on how to live a fulfilled life and increase your cash flow all part of the Breaking Barriers Tele-Summit hosted by Cheryl J. Moses.

I am looking forward to being one of the guest speakers for this wonderful event, so when I heard about this, I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

This is really interesting:

Have you ever noticed how some entrepreneurs seem to be at the top of their game while others are stuck and struggling to move forward?

They find it hard to get more clients, move beyond fear, create balance between business and family, and start living their dreams.

When entrepreneurs do start breaking free of restraints and get in position to soar, here’s what tends to happen; they can’t figure out how to increase their bottom line, they waste energy working in their business vs working on their business, causing stress and lack of time freedom.

Any of this sound familiar? Well, these are some of the barriers that need to be broken in order to live a happier and more resilient life.

Register now for Breaking Barriers TeleSummit

What about this?! Everything starts out great, you’re focused and ready to be fulfilled, but nothing is working the way you planned. What if there was a way for you to get on the right track to achieving money freedom without feeling stuck and confused?

To grow your business to its fullest potential
To break free from fear and get uncomfortable to elevate
To make a huge impact on the world by following your desires

What if there was a way to discover what it takes to have a successful business and create your ideal life? Would you be interested in that?

Well…now there is, and it’s available to you at no cost. Everyone should have their dreams and lives fulfilled.

Register now for Breaking Barriers TeleSummit

It’s not good enough to just have dreams and not take the right steps to fulfill them. It means so much more when you know what you should be doing to make your dreams a reality.

So for a limited time, Cheryl J. Moses, a successful online entrepreneur seeking to elevate her business to extraordinary levels, decided to put together a free audio interview series for women entrepreneurs who struggle to find the right path in business.

It’s called, Breaking Barriers TeleSummit. Register today and stop being held back from achieving the freedom you deserve.


P.S. Cheryl found the #1 top experts to speak on this subject, and I’m happy to say that I am interviewed on this summit…


(free telesummit) Finding Joy and Balance In Your Life

Click here if you would like to learn how to find joy and balance in your life.

Today, too many women are wearing multiple hats. Wearing these many hats gives the appearance that we are SUPER WOMEN, when in fact, we are crying on the inside. Our minds and schedules belong to others. Yes, it is okay to take care of others; however, we must take time out for ourselves.

It is not being selfish, if you spend 10 minutes or more on yourself. Who is going to take care of you? In order to help others, we must be healthy and strong. One of the most important things is learning to say no. The second most important thing we must learn is to delegate.

  • Learn how to become organized
  • Learn how to become stress-free
  • Learn how to live your purpose
  • Learn how to Say NO!!!

Join us for the upcoming Finding Joy and Balance In Your Life Telesummit, a free event hosted as part of the Spiritual Body Building TeleSummit series created by Renee Wiggins, RD. LD.

Event includes 10 speakers over the course of 10 days starting on June 23, 2014. Sign up via the link below:


(ATL Event) Launch Your Business 3-Day Boot Camp hosted by Rosetta Thurman

Are you ready to stop procrastinating on your dreams and finally start getting paid to do what you love?

In just THREE DAYS, you will learn a simple step-by-step process for building a passion-based business that honors your gifts, brings in consistent income and provides you with the FREEDOM to live your ideal life!


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want to build a successful business doing work that you love
  • You’ve tried to start your business before, but got off track somehow
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and wish you had a clear, step-by-step roadmap to earning income in your business
  • You really want to earn more money so that you can contribute to your household and create a better quality of life for your family
  • You want the time, lifestyle, location and financial freedom that comes along with being your own boss!


If so, Rosetta Thurman invites you to join her on June 27-29, 2014 for the Launch Your Business LIVE Boot Camp in Atlanta, Georgia! Click here to register:


In just three days, you’re going to learn:

  • How to set an inspiring income goal that will help you focus your efforts on the most important, revenue-generating activities in your business
  • How you can create a consistent weekly schedule to work on your business, even if you have a demanding full-time job, kids and a husband at home!
  • 3 powerful strategies for removing negative energy that may be holding you back from receiving success in your business
  • How to define your brand so that you can attract the perfect prospects to your doorstep
  • The essential tools you need to start earning money through your business (you’ll get a clear checklist that shows you exactly what you might be missing!)
  • The most effective use of social media (including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram) to attract new clients and customers
  • How you can create a simple, low-cost marketing plan that actually works! (you’ll get my popular fill-in-the-blanks template to help you do this quickly and easily)
  • …and so much more!


This 3-day LIVE training is for big dreamers and recovering procrastinators who are ready to LAUNCH, RELAUNCH OR GROW their business! Click here to register:


The training provided at the Launch Your Business 3-Day Boot Camp applies to any business that sells products or services, including: freelancing, consulting, speaking, training, coaching, blogging, books, ebooks, live events, digital products or physical products, By the end of the event, you will have a solid foundation in place so you can making money (or more money) in your business. To register for the Launch Your Business 3-Day Boot Camp and to learn more, visit


About Your Host Rosetta Thurman:
Rosetta Thurman is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, mentor and coach dedicated to empowering women through personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Happy Black Woman, a supportive community that helps women create lives of happiness, success and freedom. Rosetta teaches women, step-by-step, how to find their purpose, take action on their goals and build businesses doing what they love, all while becoming happier and more fulfilled. Rosetta’s clients and students value her “tough love” approach to helping them achieve powerful breakthroughs in their lives. Rosetta and the Happy Black Woman brand have been interviewed, quoted and featured in numerous media outlets such as JET Magazine,, BBC London, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Forbes Woman.


(live chat + movie night) Single Christian Women Relationships & Challenges Today

BBWO Member Afi Pittman invites you to join:
Let’s Talk About It Live Chat
Thursday June 12th, 2014 at 7pm EST

Ladies, it’s time to talk about all those things that are keeping you single… You know…those things that your churches and even closest friends aren’t talking about…

  • Unhealed trauma and how it affects your relationship choices
  • Loneliness
  • Poor/Unhealthy choices
  • The truth about celibacy vs. sex outside of marriage

Sign up to receive:
A safe place to discuss today’s dating and relationship challenges..
Giveaways of “31 Day Devotional for Single Women” and “Walking in Your Purpose”…


Web Business Building: 1-Day Flash Sale + 3 Startup Questions Answered

When Business is Good you can’t help but smile, but…

When its not quite where you want it to be guidance and support is essential, so just in case you were one of the ladies who missed But expressed an interest in yesterday’s 5 Hour Flash Sale I’ve extended it until tonight 9pm EST.

I love to see how excited you get when you actually get a chance to implement all your great ideas. Plus I don’t want you to miss out on the final 5 webinar sessions on info products, landing pages, and list builders along with our sessions on video and business blogging.

How Ladies Are PoweringUp Inside the SistaSense Circle:
Bev: “I’m working on my webinar series now”
AUnderhill: “I’m already creating bundles! Thanks for the Quick Burst Session.”
Eva: “I learned how to add quotes & a gallery to my blog. Working on RSS now!”
Savorian: “I’m working on new blog categories and an optin plus I’m working on my google adsense and more content as we speak.”

Last Chance Flash Sale Ends 9pm EST Tonight

Startup Questions Answered
Some of the ladies in my circle had questions about starting up and building their website, so here are 3 Start-up Questions Answered:

How to Build Your Website On A Budget
My Startup Story and Recommendations
Hosting Webinars, the Book Business, plus Top Business Women Tell All

I hope these links are helpful to you today!

Remember the next live sessions are Packaging InfoProducts and Setting Up Auto-responders. All of these goodies will be gone in a flash so go get your access pass while you still can at


(free) Spiritual Body Building 2014 TeleSummit


Are you ready to boost your physical fitness spiritually?

Join us for the Spiritual Body Building 2014 TeleSummit: Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change your life. will begin April 28, 2014.

A FREE 7-Day Tele-Summit Featuring 7 Dynamic Experts With Empowering Information To Build You Spiritually, Mentally and Physically hosted by Renee Wiggins RD.LD, Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Sessions include:
Day One- Spiritual Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle
Day Two- Gardening with Planting the Right Foods
Day Three- Exercise you way to Healing and Longevity
Day Four-Weight Loss Transformation!
Day Five –Change from ‘Stinkin Thinking’ to Positive Thinking
Day Six- Healthy Living
Day Seven- Anything Vegan
Day Eight- Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom

Register today at


(event) Unleash Your Incredible Factor 2014


Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who is STRUGGLING to position your business for six, multiple six or seven figure success?

Is your money and quality of clients inconsistent?

Is there STILL a gap in your brand and what people think you do?

Could you use some help making the SHIFT to a profit-filled business that offers spiritual and financial rewards through the creation of LIFE and BUSINESS changing systems and strategies that work for you not against you?

Join Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA and her featured speakers for a three day training experience that will equip you to BREAKTHROUGH to your first or next six figures THIS year.

Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live May 14-16, 2014 in Reston, VA (near Washington, DC)

About Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA:
Darnyelle is an emerging millionaire small business owner who has helped more than 90% of her clients build a sustainable six-figure business. Professing that when people come into her space they make more money, Darnyelle created her signature event, now in its third year of production, to help as many women in business as she can to understand EXACTLY what it takes to build a strong, profit-filled sustainable business. With an MBA in Marketing, this former VP of a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, Women’s Business Center Director and Pink Cadillac Independent Executive Sales Director is committed to building brands and businesses so that women can add value, build wealth and strengthen their communities.

To Learn more about Darnyelle’s event and secure your seat, visit

Sponsored message brought to you by Darnyelle A. Jervey