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Apron Appetites, Cyndi, and Julie

Please help me welcome these wonderful ladies to our BBWO Family.


Apron Appetites (left) by Sewingsista is a home based LLC company located in Milwaukee WI. They specialized in hand made fashion festive aprons for both men and women. Apron Appetites represent over three generations of couture sewing. Connect with Apron Appetites.


Cyndi (middle) is a life and relationship solution coach and man whisperer (intimacy creation savant). She specializes in helping women (and men) reawaken playful passion, luxurious, and soulful love in their lives. Cyndi believes that life and love are filled with so many magical moments that get lost in the process of day to day living. Connect with Cyndi here on the network.


Julie (right) is an Author, Reflexologist & Spa Owner. Be sure check out her business Her Connect with Julie here on the network.


Welcome to BBWO ladies.