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(free) Spiritual Body Building 2014 TeleSummit

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Are you ready to boost your physical fitness spiritually?

Join us for the Spiritual Body Building 2014 TeleSummit: Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change your life. will begin April 28, 2014.

A FREE 7-Day Tele-Summit Featuring 7 Dynamic Experts With Empowering Information To Build You Spiritually, Mentally and Physically hosted by Renee Wiggins RD.LD, Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Sessions include:
Day One- Spiritual Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle
Day Two- Gardening with Planting the Right Foods
Day Three- Exercise you way to Healing and Longevity
Day Four-Weight Loss Transformation!
Day Five –Change from ‘Stinkin Thinking’ to Positive Thinking
Day Six- Healthy Living
Day Seven- Anything Vegan
Day Eight- Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom

Register today at

(event) Unleash Your Incredible Factor 2014

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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who is STRUGGLING to position your business for six, multiple six or seven figure success?

Is your money and quality of clients inconsistent?

Is there STILL a gap in your brand and what people think you do?

Could you use some help making the SHIFT to a profit-filled business that offers spiritual and financial rewards through the creation of LIFE and BUSINESS changing systems and strategies that work for you not against you?

Join Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA and her featured speakers for a three day training experience that will equip you to BREAKTHROUGH to your first or next six figures THIS year.

Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live May 14-16, 2014 in Reston, VA (near Washington, DC)

About Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA:
Darnyelle is an emerging millionaire small business owner who has helped more than 90% of her clients build a sustainable six-figure business. Professing that when people come into her space they make more money, Darnyelle created her signature event, now in its third year of production, to help as many women in business as she can to understand EXACTLY what it takes to build a strong, profit-filled sustainable business. With an MBA in Marketing, this former VP of a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, Women’s Business Center Director and Pink Cadillac Independent Executive Sales Director is committed to building brands and businesses so that women can add value, build wealth and strengthen their communities.

To Learn more about Darnyelle’s event and secure your seat, visit

Sponsored message brought to you by Darnyelle A. Jervey

You’re Invited to Blogger Week 2014

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Blogger Week™ 2014 is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens hosted by Black Bloggers Connect. Coming April 28th – May 3rd, Blogger Week will feature 6 days of festivities including Twitter parties, blog carnivals, Google Hangouts, workshops, panels, and networking events.

The Blogger Week Networking Mixer is May 2nd and the official Blogger Week UnConference is May 3rd in the Washington, DC area. Register today at

5 Webinar Based Income Streams for Web Entrepreneurs


It’s women’s history month! In support of women everywhere who are passionate about teaching, mentoring and motivating others I’ve recently hosted a few SistaSense Clarity Calls. Our last call was all about 5 Webinar Based Income Streams that may interest you (replay below).

During This Session I touched on a variety of topics including:
- Hosting Free Webinars for Promotional Purposes
- Hosting Free Webinars to Sell Replays
- Hosting Webinars as Training Workshops
- Hosting Webinar Conferences with Speakers
- Selling Pre-Recorded Webinars as eCourses
- Selling Live Webinar Replays

Replay: 5 Webinar-Based Income Streams
SistaSense Circle Audio Session

They Did This:
Ladies Making Profit and Progress Inside the SistaSense Circle
SistaSense Circle Audio Session

Download Speak.Teach.Coach Starter Bundle
7 Part Audio Series includes:

1 – Speak.Teach.Coach. Profit & Progress Clarity Session
2 – 5 Webinar Based Income Streams
3 – She Did It! You Can Too! How to Start Coaching Today
4 – 7 Ways to Attract Clients and Close More Deals
5 – Your Profit Potential: Find Your Hidden Target Markets
6 – Monetize Your Message (Part 1)
7 – Monetize Your Message (Part 2)

Download Audio Sessions Here

In the audio replay above we cover your options. To learn more about how to set up your webinars from start to finish, sign up for my ProWebinars 5 Day Training series; participants get access to live sessions plus the replays.

(register) Black Women Millionaires: 12 Seven-Figure Sisters Tell ALL!

Remember to get your free virtual seat for Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon hosted by Dr. Venus Opal Reese from March 5–7, 2014.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime lineup of incredible women who have walked the walk. (Sometimes right through brick walls! When everything was stacked against them.) Who led the way to their OWN success. And who will stop at nothing to help you lead the way to yours.

Dr. Venus knows what it takes to break through inner glass ceilings that limit performance and, by extension, your profit. She is passionate about making sure other sisters know how to monetize their worth into a seven-figure business.

She has gathered 12 Black Women millionaires who pull the curtain back and let their hair down to give you their proven INNER secrets on what it REALLY takes to make millions.

This 3-day training will change the trajectory of your life! Register now.

Checks and Balances: Do you have these in your business?

Everyone want to start a business. However we may forget that it’s not all fun and games. To be successful you need some sort of system, like a checks and balance. Who going to keep you in check and on the path to your goals? And one thing you may forget to do, is ask or reach out for help. BBWO Members Cheryl, Akilah, and Tanya shares a few business tips below.

Is Your Ego Writing Checks You Can’t Cash?

While watching the television show, Unsung, a music biography series which sheds much-do light on some of the most influential, talented and yet, somehow forgotten R&B, Soul and Gospel artists of our time. On this particular show they featured rap icon, Kool Moe Dee. He made a statement which reminded me of part of my own journey. He said “my ego does drive the car sometimes.” The statement caught my attention and immediately reminded me of what it takes to get to the place in your life where you recognize and openly admitted that your ego can be in the driver seat of the car of your life and it has a big mouth. (Continue Reading)

Payroll Experts: A Small Business Owner’s Best Friend

Opening and running a business is a challenging endeavor, and this is especially true for the businesswomen of the world. In America, women only own 30 percent of all businesses, and sadly, first year capital funding for women running companies is 80 percent lower than our male counterparts. These overwhelming disparities make it imperative for female business owners to get ahead in as many ways as possible, but there are still many positive things going on for women in business, and smart business decision-making will continue to increase those positives. (Continue Reading)

Alternative to PowerPoint Presentations
Did you know that there are other tools out there you can use to create presentations?. Yes, there is more then just Microsoft PowerPoint. (Watch Video Here)

Crystal, Connie, and Miriam

Please help me welcome these wonderful ladies to our BBWO Family.

Crystal Greene (left) is a mother, product reviewer, blogger, entrepreneur, and youtuber. She loves making & selling jewelry, and chatting about health and beauty and everything in between. Connect with Crystal here on the network.

Connie Portis (middle) is the woman behind Connie Portis Enterprises, a public relations, event planning and business coaching entity. She launched the Renaissance Publications the parent company of the Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory and Resource Guide and newspaper, Pittsburgh Renaissance News. Now in it 29th year the Black Business Directory is the oldest continuing Black Business Directory in the United States. Connect with Connie here on the network.

Mlriam Wanda Obara (right) is a the CEO of Cabana Limited, a company established in the Kenya market to bring together creative ideas that help different brands grow in a dynamic market. Cabana develops brands that will fulfill their purpose and communication effectively with a targeted demographic. Connect with Mlriam here on the network.

Welcome to BBWO ladies.

Apron Appetites, Cyndi, and Julie

Please help me welcome these wonderful ladies to our BBWO Family.


Apron Appetites (left) by Sewingsista is a home based LLC company located in Milwaukee WI. They specialized in hand made fashion festive aprons for both men and women. Apron Appetites represent over three generations of couture sewing. Connect with Apron Appetites.


Cyndi (middle) is a life and relationship solution coach and man whisperer (intimacy creation savant). She specializes in helping women (and men) reawaken playful passion, luxurious, and soulful love in their lives. Cyndi believes that life and love are filled with so many magical moments that get lost in the process of day to day living. Connect with Cyndi here on the network.


Julie (right) is an Author, Reflexologist & Spa Owner. Be sure check out her business Her Connect with Julie here on the network.


Welcome to BBWO ladies.

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